Our Engagement Model

The engagement model for startups is a framework that outlines the collaboration and partnership between a startup and its service provider or stakeholders. It defines the terms, responsibilities, and expectations of both parties involved in the engagement. This model typically considers factors such as the scope of work, project duration, payment structure, and communication channels.

In designing an engagement model for startups, there are several common approaches that we often consider:

Fixed Scope: We start by defining a specific set of deliverables with a fixed timeline and cost. It is suitable for projects with well-defined requirements and limited scope changes.
  1. Building trust
  2. Proof of Concept
  3. Web + Mobile MVP development
  4. Engineering best practices

Time and Material (T&M): It offers flexibility to accommodate evolving requirements and allows startups to pay for the actual effort.
  1. Dedicate product development teams comprising of
    • – UI/UX Design
    • – Web + MobileEngineering
    • – Database + Data Engineering
    • – Business Analysis + Project Management
    • – DevOps
  2. Complete engineering ownership
  3. Strategy inputs to the stake holders
  4. Monthly invoicing

Retainer: This model involves a long-term partnership, where the service provider offers ongoing support and services for a fixed monthly fee. It provides startups with dedicated resources and continuous assistance.

It’s important for startups to carefully evaluate their specific needs, budget constraints, and growth plans to select an engagement model that aligns with their objectives. Flexibility, scalability, and clear communication are crucial elements to consider when establishing an effective engagement model for startups.

How we get your MVP ready in 90 days

Dedicate an entire team with a range of specialties to create the initial iteration of your product. Maintain the communication to achieve product-market fit through ongoing iterations.

Understand your product idea

Define launching requirements

Design and determine scope with prototype

Develop MVP


Adopt feedback in the product



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Our proven methods for Faster MVPs

Reusable libraries

It takes time to set up a custom development environment from scratch. Start saving time right away with our library of reusable components, which can reduce development time by up to 30%.

Power Team

Each endeavor will inevitably include some level of complexity. Our team of UI/UX designers and engineers is led by our product managers and business analysts, who are excellent problem solvers and handle all the firefighting on your behalf.

Strong Backend Frameworks

Although our developers are always eager to adopt new technologies, we mostly rely on established frameworks for our clients, including Django, NodeJS, Angular, Svelte, Flutter, etc.

Design System

In addition to a style manual and pattern collection, our distinctive design methodology surpasses conventional practices. It serves as a centralized repository for standards and implementation best practices, ensuring consistent uniformity across all our large-scale designs.

Cloud Deployment

Rely on our extensive internal DevOps expertise to simplify infrastructure management, code deployment, software release automation, and infrastructure performance optimization.
Upscale your digital product’s development efforts with us!