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Our " How We Deliver" approach is more than a process - it's a promise to provide you with top-tier product development services that drive innovation and growth for your business. We are 100% cognizant of the fact that product engineering is not sufficient but necessary for a product to succeed. We take the responsibility of end-to-end product engineering and support, while the business can work on the other aspects of introducing product to the market.

How We Deliver

It is our mission at NonStop to help you build your MVP in less than 90 days and scale it into a scalable system that will grow continuously. We are a team of passionate product engineers who work with you at every step of your product journey. Our agile and customer-centric approach ensures your digital products get to market faster for a competitive edge.

Choosing Quality-driven development is our top priority

Collaborative Sprint Planning

We conduct Regular meetings to set up scope, milestones, estimation, and reporting.


We use CI/CD setup with Bitbucket , GITlab, Pipelines with Slack, and AWS Chatbot integration.

Code Reviews

Weekly meetings with all the stakeholders to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Project Management

We use JIRA, confluence, etc. for task management, bandwidth estimation, and progress tracking.

Scalable Cloud Architecture & Infrastructure

We work with modern and highly scalable Microservices deployed on AWS and GCP.

Coding Standards

Clean code is one of the values that we follow. We make sure to follow our values in order to build
excellent products.

How We Deliver - Our Engagement Model


Time-and-Resources We dedicate a specified amount of time and a corresponding number of resources, for which we charge the client. We generally do this on per hour basis


A fixed cost is quoted and the corresponding deliverables are agreed upon prior to the inception of the software development lifecycle. (We work via this model only if the requirements are very crisp and do not tend to change during the design/development phase. )

We are experts when it comes to remote collaboration

Slack / Skype / MS Team – for ongoing daily communication

Github / Bitbucket – for code management

Figma – for presenting wireframes & designs

Google Meet / MS Team / Zoom – for video conferencing

Jira / / Asana – for project management

Google Docs- for collaborating
on documentation