Predictive AI is changing the game by empowering businesses with the ability to forecast trends, make informed decisions, and optimize strategies. With our Predictive AI services we provide you with a solution that is designed to transform data into valuable foresight for your business. 


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Case Study 1

An AI/ML marketplace platform that helped startups assess their ideas, plans, and needs and connected them to resources, investors, and business services.

The platform was driven by a proprietary AI/ML engine that gathered data from multiple sources (like Pitchbook, Crunchbase, etc.), performed data analysis on the same, and gave actionable insights for 3 user bases:
1. Investors: Analytics and preferences-based intelligent recommendations of startups that fit the investment portfolio
2. Startups: Analytics-based intelligent recommendations of investors that the startups could approach for funding
3. Service Providers: Analytics and preferences-based intelligent recommendations for pitching the services to investors and startups alike

The proprietary AI/ML engine (AiPRIL – Advanced Intelligent Progressive Repository for Insights Learning) also scored startups based on multiple factors to figure out their funding readiness.

Case Study 2

A tech platform for obesity and lifestyle management.

A diet recommendation engine was designed as part of the platform.
The recommendation engine considered parameters such as height, weight, metabolism, life-style patterns and health goals, to churn out daily diet plans for the users.

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