This system is aimed at constructing an End-to-End and Generative AI driven content repurposing system fostering an efficient, enriched content generation and community-building environment.

The Applied AI/ML Components built as part of this system were:

  • Content Transcription: Transcribe live and recorded webinars into text
  • Content Analysis: Analyze the video/audio/text content to identify and segment the most salient parts of the content
  • Shorts/Reels Generation: Create short, catchy video clips in vertical, square, and landscape formats, each less than a minute
  • Social Media Posts: Create Twitter or LinkedIn posts using the identified salient parts from the video content
  • Summaries: Generate short articles (up to 4,000 characters) summarising the entire video content
  • Quizzes: Create short quizzes based on the content delivered in the video, enabling members to demonstrate their knowledge or engagement

System Architecture

Technology that we use