Your business’s success is our priority.

By meeting with us during our Chief Strategy Officer’s visit to the USA, you’re not just engaging in a business meeting; you’re participating in an experience that can shape the future of your organization.

Unlock new horizons, collaborate with us, and explore endless possibilities.

A Meeting of Business Minds

Why Meet Our Expert?

Forge Lucrative Partnerships
Connect with us to explore new collaborations, strike partnerships, and tap into fresh opportunities.
Industry Insights

Gain valuable insights into industry trends, innovations, and best practices. Our expert’s firsthand experiences and interactions will provide a unique perspective that can drive your business forward.

Expand Your Network

Joining us during this visit means expanding your professional network.

Global Perspective

Our Chief Strategy Officer’s visit to the USA offers a global perspective that can enhance your business strategy.

Collaboration Opportunities

Collaborate with us to uncover opportunities that transcend borders. Whether it’s exploring new markets, sharing expertise, or co-creating solutions, this visit is a catalyst for fruitful collaborations.

Exclusive Meetings

Benefit from exclusive meetings and discussions with our Expert. Share your business objectives, challenges, and aspirations, and let us work together to turn them into realities.

Personalized Engagement

We are committed to providing a personalized and tailored experience. Let us know your specific interests, and we’ll ensure that our meeting is a valuable investment of your time.

Our Schedule


16th - 20th October


22nd - 24th October


25th - 26th October

Washington DC & Maryland

28th - 29th October

Philadelphia &
New Jersey

30th October

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