Case Study: Mobile App for efficient goods movement in Warehouse

Category: #warehouse #LogisticsTech

Client Name: Warehouse software solution development company based out of India.

As part of Warehouse solution developed by client, a diverse set of functionality is offered to cover both straightforward as well as specialized warehouse needs, covering all processes associated with picking, replenishment, and put away.

The client wanted to develop a Android based app that would run a rugged device. The rugged device should be fit to be used in the warehouses where workers use gloves to operate the app under tough environment.

Problems: Employees of warehouse find it difficult to move the goods in the warehouse. Goods are misplaced which leads to delay in delivery

Warehouse Activity - Receiving, Putaway, Picking, Dispatch,Cycle Count, Kit, DeKit
Inventory Query
Product Movement
Package Movement
Sync offline
BarCode scanner

Design Mobile App Web App Backend APIs Deployment
Yes Yes No No No Yes
Adobe Illustration
Native Android SDK 16+, ROOM ORM, SQLite, Google Crashlytics - - - Playstore