Case Study: Mobile App for Sales and Distribution Channel of a Manufacturing company

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Client Name: International heavy civil engineering equipments manufacturer

The client has its Sales force spread across entire world. Sometimes the sales employees travel far and wide to remote locations. The clients wants to develop an mobile app which shall carry certain information about products, so that it assists the sales employees / dealers. The mobile app is expected to carry the company products information in secured and reliable manner. The backend admin shall use a web dashboard to update the product info.

Company Background: R Square consulting provides customised solutions for Leadership and Organizational development interventions,Assessment and developmental centres,managerial capability building interventions and Executive coaching.

1. Product Information Management
A. Web based CMS Admin shall be able to manage product information
B. Web based CMS SuperAdmin shall approve product information
C. Salesman App shall be able to view the product information

2. Data Analytics
Web based CMS Admin shall be able to view individual usage details like average time, frequency of use, sections visited, Regional usage by dealer, by average user, by sections visited, Summary by region, by section, hit rate, device location coordinates.

3. Data View Management
Salesmen shall be divided in various categories (2-3). Different group of salesmen shall have access to different product and product information.

4. Data Access Management
A. Web based CMS Admin can provide or revoke access to the data for any Salesman
B. Salesman mobile App should be able to view data with and without internet
C. Salesman mobile App should not be able to download or share the data

Design Mobile App Web App Backend APIs Deployment
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Adobe Illustration
Android - Java
iOS - Swift3
Django 11