Case Study: Property Management System

Category: #RealEstate, #RealTech

Client Name: Stealth mode startup

An on-demand solution for all property rental / buy needs in Pune region. The objective is to provide a “single” and “transparent” and “hustle free” window for both owner tenant to rent their properties.

Problem to Solve:

1. Owner dont have time to upload and publish their property details on all site
2. Tenant dont get good properties on portalsas they are not curated
3. Owner dealing to multiple brokers creates chaos
4. Dealing with irregular brokers is a tiresome process

Design Mobile App Web App Backend APIs Deployment
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Adobe Illustration
Google Flutter React JS, HTML5, CSS3 Google Firebase REST Google Firebase, Play Store,
App Store, Fastlane
Case Study: Real-Estate Listing and Selling Platform

Category: #RealEstate, #SalesTech

Client Name: Mid-west USA based company dealing in luxury and home real estate sales.

A wordpress based platform for real estate agents and buyers. The real estate agents uploads the property details on a separate independent database. The platform imports and displays those properties on it. Buyers like first time home buyers and luxury estate buyers can use the platform to view the properties and contact the real estate agent.

Design Mobile App Web App Backend APIs Deployment
No No Yes Yes No No
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