Case Study: HelpDesk ERP

Category: #helpdesk #ERP

Client Name: Multinational BPO

A mobile app for facilities management for a multinational BPO. The prime use of this app is for Ticket management, Conference room booking , and Assets Management

Ticket Management is one of the main features of this app. This feature allows the candidate to raise a ticket for a particular issue. Resolution of that particular issue can also be facilitated and the issue can be redirected to the concerned department. This ensures the seamless functioning of a particular organization. The system based solutions to the issues enables the employees to address the queries and issues and cater to the members of the organization properly.
Conference room management feature allows to search and book conference rooms for meetings. Booking can be made for a particular conference room at a given location, building, floor and room number. The app also shows the previously booked conference rooms.
Asset management is a prominent feature of this app. Each asset such the air conditioners, tube lights etc posses a QR code. Each QR code corresponds to the state of that particular asset. By scanning of the QR code the members of maintenance department can understand the status of the asset for example its warranty period etc. This enables the proper management of assets and helps in avoiding any errors related to the maintenance of the assets.

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