Case Study: E Learning Apps

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Client Name: Nexo- RSquare Consulting

A Blended Managerial Development Program that Gets Results

Company Background: R Square consulting provides customised solutions for Leadership and Organizational development interventions,Assessment and developmental centres,managerial capability building interventions and Executive coaching.

Business Vision:
Scale up using technology
To create a platform for collecting data and provide insights

The Challenges
Transfer of learning to workplace does not happen
No ROI on investment in developing people
Short Attention spans, traditional training not effective
Busy managers cannot spare time to attend development programs
Students do not have anything to practice or revise on
Constant touch with instructor missing
Application and tracking performance was not consolidated

The Solution
An eLearning app which helps student keep track of quizzes and assignments given by the instructor
The app also help students to receive new content to study from the instructor
The app amplifies student engagement by using gamification techniques
The app increases participation and engagement through revision and application
Weekly revision and review, quiz to confirm learning

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Case Study: E Learning App - II

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Client Name: eNyota Learning

A business works only if its employees are well trained and possess the know-how of the company. Sales team is the prime factor in promo:ng the business. So, to ensure the credibility and quality assurance, the sales team should be well trained and groomed. 6one5 was developed to train the sales executives and their managers of a retail store.

Various modules were designed with different features for sales executives as well as the managers. Audio-Visual modules have synchronized text so that the user was able to understand the meaning, application as well as the pronuncia:on.

Gamification has proved to be an efficient tool for continuous learning. This fact was incorporated in this app with the help of quizzes which facilitated the process of learning in an interesting way.

The completion of each module helped the staff members to acquire various certifications. This ensures the staff to be more motivated and competitive. This makes the team curious to exceed and ultimately the business flourishes.

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Case Study: E Learning App - III

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Client Name: Elixir English Learning App

Elixir learning app is focused on the philosophy of continuous learning. Learning a new skills or polishing an old one requires practice. Elixir app was developed to suffice that requirement for the students of Elixir Training Services Pvt. Ltd.

It is an interactive and captivating app with amazing features. These delightful features help the students to polish their communication skills. This app puts listening and speaking skills into the spotlight.

The amazing feature enables student to listen to model recordings for the given write up. It allows them to record the same write up in their own voice and gives them the opportunity to compare their own with the model recording. It tends to the need of the student to learn a new skill with proper guidance.

There are more such interesting features like the games and quizzes which pave way to interactive continuous learning process.

‘Hangman’ brings back childhood memories of school-days as well as it helps make learning fun. This allows the students to guess the word and improve their vocabulary.

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